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Bustaurant — a restaurant within a bus

Up to this point in the mobile food industry’s history, eating at food trucks in many locations of the country is still a unique dining experience. But diners in the Los Angeles, California, or Sarasota Springs, New York, areas have an opportunity to dine somewhere that’s the epitome of unique. Diners in these two cities now have another mobile food option: the bustaurant, a restaurant within a bus.

Instead of the typical standing at a curb, ordering, and eating, the customers of these new eateries are given the option to step onboard and be seated at tables inside the bus. Although these buses are outfitted with state-of-the-art kitchens, the ordinances that regulate them prohibit kitchen operation while they’re moving.

For this reason, most of the food is prepared off-site, or in the kitchen only while the bus is stopped in a designated parking area.

One of the biggest differences between the bustaurant and its land-locked restaurant brethren is that if you get seated with a bad view, you may have a better one shortly. The other big difference is the price involved in purchasing a double-decker bus (prices start in the $250,000 range for a standard bus without a kitchen).

Using a double-decker bus to operate your food truck business will clearly differentiate you from your competitors, but it has its fair share of problems as well. You must have a commercially licensed driver, and the size of the bus alone can cause issues of parking on the streets because most shop owners won’t take too kindly to having their entire storefront blocked by the side of your bus.

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