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Many dessert sauces are so easy that you can make them during TV commercials. Dessert sauces really add a touch of class to even the most basic desserts. Dessert sauces come in two general types, one based on cream, the other based on fruit.

  • Cream-based: With chocolate, vanilla, caramel, butterscotch, and so on. Cream-based recipes usually require cooking.

  • Fruit-based: You can often make fruit sauces in a blender.

Many sauce recipes (not to mention recipes for ice cream, custards, puddings, cakes, cookies, and chocolate desserts) include vanilla. You can use either the whole vanilla bean or pure vanilla extract. Although the whole beans are somewhat preferable because they have a much more intense flavor than the extract, they’re also more expensive and less convenient.

Never purchase “artificial” or “imitation” extracts. Made mostly of paper-industry byproducts treated with chemicals, they have a nasty taste.

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