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Decipher Some Entertaining Symbol Substitution Cryptograms

Printing out this page will make it easier to solve these cryptograms. Drawing a light vertical pencil line between the words in a symbol cipher makes it easier for you to see the words and letter patterns.

Medium Symbol Cipher 1. Adapted from a story told about the last days of traitor Benedict Arnold (who died in 1801):


Medium Symbol Cipher 1 Hint

Medium Symbol Cipher 1 Answer

Medium Symbol Cipher 2. Be careful to look at the details of each symbol in this cryptogram, so you don’t confuse one letter with another.


Medium Symbol Cipher 2 Hint

Medium Symbol Cipher 2 Answer

Medium Symbol Cipher 3. There is a common pattern word in this cipher, spotting it will help to decipher the puzzle!


Medium Symbol Cipher 3 Hint

Medium Symbol Cipher 3 Answer

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