Word 2007 includes a nifty feature called SmartArt, which lets you add several different types of useful diagrams to your document. The idea behind SmartArt diagrams is to represent a bullet list as a diagram of interconnected shapes. With SmartArt, you can create List, Process, Cycle, Hierarchy, Relationship, Matrix, and Pyramid diagrams. Although many types of SmartArt diagrams are available, they all work the same way — they simply have different appearances.

Place the insertion point wherever you want the diagram and then follow these steps to create your SmartArt:


Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon and then click SmartArt.

This step summons the Choose a SmartArt Graphic dialog box.


Choose the SmartArt diagram type you want to insert and then click OK.

The SmartArt diagram is inserted into the document.


Type the bullet list items to use for the diagram.

Use the special Type Your Text Here dialog box provided for this purpose. To open this dialog box, click the small tab with arrows on the side of the SmartArt.

To add another bullet to the list, put your cursor at the end of one of the existing bullets. When you press Enter, a new, blank bullet appears below the old one, and Word 2007 automatically updates the diagram.


(Optional) Modify the diagram however you see fit.

When your SmartArt is selected, you see the SmartArt Tools tab on the Ribbon, which gives you lots of options for changing the diagram. Of course, you can keep tweaking your diagram until the end of time, but at some point, you have to say, “enough is enough” and call it finished.

To delete a box (or circle or rectangle or whatever) from your diagram, select the box in the diagram and press Delete. Then please observe a moment of silence for the lost box.