When real estate prospects are looking to buy or sell, their first stop is often the web. Your domain name is the key that drives traffic to your site. If you don't already have a domain name, follow these steps to get one — or several — as quickly as possible:

  • The first domain name you need to register is your own name, as in www.yourname.com. I recommend that you go to GoDaddy to determine whether your name is available, and then register it as your domain name. The site is an easy and cost-effective resource, currently charging only $8.95 a year for your domain name and a lineup of other complimentary services.

  • Consider registering a number of additional domain names that all lead to your website through a function called URL forwarding, which redirects multiple web address to one site. You could have 100 URLs that forward to just one site. At $10.99 per year, cost shouldn't be a deterrent.

  • In addition to your original domain name, you can create some names that describe your service area. For instance, you may want to register a domain name that features your hometown name followed by the words real estate or homes for sale, following these examples:

    • www.anywhereusarealestate.com/

    • www.anywhereusahomesforsale.com/

    Or, you can put your own name in front of your hometown name, following this example:

    • www.dirksellsbend.com/

  • You can even register domain names that feature the names of specific real estate areas or neighborhoods in your market. For example, if you specialize in a hypothetical region called Perfectville, you may register:

    • www.perfectvillehomesforsale.com/

    • www.movetoperfectville.com/

    • www.perfectvillesubdivision.com/

When you use a multiple domain name strategy, you invest in a single website that carries your primary domain name and then use a number of names to get people to your web space.

When online real estate shoppers enter the name of your hometown or the name of a special neighborhood in your hometown, chances are good that one of your domain names will appear in their search results.