Evaluating Your Singing Posture
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Creating Correct Singing Posture

Creating correct posture means finding out what correct posture looks like and feels like so that you can quickly make whatever changes you need. By changing your posture, you control what kind of impression you make on others — whether you’re on the stage singing or at the audition vying for the show’s lead. Good posture keeps energy flowing instead of trapping it in one body part, and it also aligns your body for correct breathing.

Nervous ticks, such as constant finger wiggling, frequent shifting of weight from one foot to the other, and roaming eyes, are examples of energy that isn’t freely flowing throughout the body. If you catch yourself twisting your hands or wiggling your fingers frequently while singing, watch yourself in the mirror to become aware of the movement.

Then allow yourself to move around as you sing, to use that excess energy. After you move around, stand still but maintain that same freedom in your body, as if you may move at any moment. Freely flowing energy keeps you looking confident and singing well. Using your acting skills also gives your body something specific to do, so the random wiggles and twitches often subside.

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