You can put your digital photos into a slideshow by using Adobe Photoshop Album. After specifying how you want to set up the slideshow, you can choose how to publish it. To create a slideshow


Choose Slideshow→Creations→Album to open the Creations Wizard (see this figure), then click the Slideshow menu button.


Select the slideshow style you want to create (refer to this figure) and click Next.

Click each style in the list to view the example on the right side of the window.


Choose the layout of your slideshow (as shown in this figure), and then click Next.


Enter the appropriate information, as shown in this figure.

Type a title in the Title text box, select the number of slides you want to show per page, and specify any music and transition options you want to apply.


Arrange the photos you want to include in your slideshow (see this figure), and then click Next.


Preview your slideshow, as shown in this figure.

Keep clicking Next until you reach the end of the preview, which opens Step 6 of the wizard.


Select an Output Option format in which you want to publish your slideshow (refer to this figure), and then click Done.

You can select Save as PDF, Print, E-mail, Burn, or Order Online.