You can create mirror images of objects in Adobe InDesign CS5. This is known as reflecting or flipping the object. You create a mirror image of an object by using the Transform panel menu. The menu provides several additional options for manipulating objects.

In InDesign, follow these steps to reflect or flip an object:


Select an object on the page and then press the F9 key to open the Transform panel.

Alternatively, you can open the Transform panel from the Window menu.

The selected object’s bounding box and handles appear and the Transform panel shows the current values of the selected object.


Click the panel menu in the Transform panel.

The menu opens, revealing the many options available for manipulating the object.


Select Flip Horizontal from the Transform panel menu options.

The object on the page flips on its horizontal axis. You can repeat this step with other reflection options in the menu, such as Flip Vertical or Flip Both.

You can also reflect objects with the Free Transform tool by dragging a corner handle past the opposite end of the object. The object reflects on its axis.