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Create Calculator Programs on the TI-84 Plus

It is much easier to create a Ti-84 Plus calculator program on a computer than it is to create it on the calculator. Then again, there may be times when a computer is not handy so you have no recourse but to create the program on the calculator.

Create and saving a program on the TI-84 Plus

These are the basic steps for creating a program on the calculator:

  1. Press


    to create a new program using the Program editor.

  2. Give your program a name and then press [ENTER].

    The name of your program can consist of one to eight characters that must be letters, numbers, or the Greek letter


    The first character in the name must be a letter or


    In Alpha mode, when you press a key you enter the green letter above that key. To enter a number, press [ALPHA] to take the calculator out of Alpha mode and then enter the number. To enter a letter after entering a number, you must press [ALPHA] to put the calculator back in Alpha mode.

    When you press [ENTER] after naming your program, the calculator puts you in the Program editor.

  3. Enter your program in the Program editor.

    Your program consists of a series of commands, each of which must be preceded by a colon, as shown in the third picture. After entering a command, press [ENTER] so the calculator supplies the colon preceding the next command you enter. When you finish writing your final command, press [ENTER] and ignore the colon that is waiting for a command to be entered.

    An example of entering a program appears in the third picture. The program in this picture writes HI on the Home screen. The ClrHome command is entered into the program by pressing


    and Disp is entered by pressing

  4. Press [2nd][MODE] when you’re finished writing your program.

    This saves your program in the memory of the calculator and returns you to the Home screen. The name under which the program is stored in the calculator is the same name you gave the program in Step 2.

Edit a program on the TI-84 Plus calculator

To edit a program stored on the calculator, follow these steps:

  1. Press


    and press the number of the program you want to edit.

  2. Edit the program.

    Pressing [CLEAR] erases the line containing the cursor.

  3. Press [2nd][MODE] to save the program and return to the Home screen.

After creating a program on the calculator, you can transfer it to a computer and edit it on the computer. To edit the program on a computer you need the free TI-Graph Link software.

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