When choosing e-mail addresses or usernames in social media profiles, retaining a consistent personal brand is important for your job search. Always opt to use your full name. Avoid kitschy e-mail addresses like misshotpants123@hotmail.com. These are off-putting to potential employers. Instead, find a way to use your full name as your e-mail address.

If you need to start a new e-mail account for the purposes of your job search, know that it’s worth it. The best option is to purchase your own domain name. Many people complain that checking multiple e-mail addresses is overwhelming. Consider forwarding any new e-mail addresses to an address you check often.

In the context of social networks you join, the username you choose often becomes the web address for your public-facing profile. For example, if you choose FirstnameLastname as your profile’s username, the public-facing web address becomes FirstnameLastname.sitename.com.

Keep this same username consistent across all your networks; for example, use it in your LinkedIn profile, your about.me page, or web addresses. The more consistent you are, the more easily Google can deliver your online profiles in response to a search of your name. Also, consistency is key when a hiring manager is considering your application for a job.