The first step of developing a Samsung SmartTV application is creating a project. Necessary components can be created in the new project, and then necessary source code can be entered into the components. A project can be created in the included Eclipse IDE.


Select the “Samsung SmartTV SDK” top menu of the Eclipse.

Select the “Create Samsung SmartTV JavaScript App Project” submenu.


Select the menu to open the next window.

The project name, path, and application resolution can be entered in this window.


Click the “Finish” button to finish creating a new project step.

The newly created project includes an “app” folder that contains a JavaScript file and a CSS file, “icon” folder that contains the application’s icon, and an “images” folder to store image files used in the project. Index.html file, (holds resolution information) file, and config.xml (holds application’s configuration information) files are stored in the root folder.


Select the “Samsung SmartTV SDK Preferences” submenu from the “Samsung SmartTV SDK” top menu of the Eclipse.

Before testing to see if the first project will run, you need to set a path for an Emulator to run the application.


Select the “Emulator” tab and configure the Emulator version for the Eclipse project.

This function allows testing an application in various TV models. In addition, the “Emulator Font” option allows customizing display text font for the Emulator. Configure SDK’s installation path at the “SDK Install Path” option. Normally, the correct path is already entered as the default, but manual configuration is necessary in some systems.


Execute the project.

An Emulator is needed to test a project. Select the project in the left pane’s “Project Explorer,” and click the “Run Current Project in Samsung SmartTV Emulator” submenu in the “Samsung SmartTV SDK” top menu of the Eclipse.


The Emulator will then run the project.

Note that there are two options, the “Run Current Project in Samsung SmartTV Emulator” and “Run Samsung SmartTV Emulator” submenus under the “Samsung SmartTV SDK” top menu. The first one runs the currently selected source code, and the latter opens up on its own. The latter option requires manual selection of a project to execute it.