Reading comprehension might be a challenge for some students, but you can't avoid it on your Catholic high school entrance exam. Improve your reading comprehension with help from these tips:

  • Read through the passage before answering the questions.

  • As you read, focus on the passage's main point, the author's tone, and paragraph topics. Don't spend time worrying about the specific details of the passage.

  • Eliminate answer choices that don't relate to the information in the passage or that contain debatable words such as always, never, and so on.

  • Use the information in the passage to answer the questions, not information that's in your head.

  • Choose general answers for main-point questions.

  • Don't infer too much for inference questions. The correct answers to these questions are solidly based on clues in the passage and not your vivid imagination.

  • Keep in mind that the answers to specific-information questions may paraphrase the information in the passage.