template: A configuration file that governs the default settings for the documents that are based on it.

text alignment: Controls how the text lines up within cells.

theme: A design set that you apply to an entire document or presentation to change several elements at once, including background, color scheme, fonts, and the positions of the placeholders on the various layouts.

title bar: The top line of the window, containing the title of the program you’re using. When you use a program to create a document, the name of the document also appears in the title bar.

toolbar: Below the menu bar, some programs display a toolbar of icons that you can click to perform various functions.

touchpad: The most common type of laptop mouse, a touchpad is a flat area, located beneath the keyboard.

trackball: Essentially an upside-down mechanical mouse with its roller ball built into a mouse body or even into a keyboard. The ball rests loosely in a cavity, where sensors track horizontal and vertical movement.

transition effect: The flourish that occurs when you transition between one slide and another.