range: A group of one or more cells. You refer to a range by the address of the upper leftmost cell in the range, followed by a colon, and then followed by the lower rightmost cell in the range. For example, the range consisting of cells A1, A2, B1, and B2 is written as A1:B2.

reboot: To turn off and turn back on your computer.

relative reference: When you move or copy a formula, Excel automatically changes the cell references to work with the new location.

Restore button: The button that appears after you click the Maximize button; it replaces the Maximize button. Click the Restore button to return the window to its previous size, which is in between maximized and minimized.

restore point: A group of settings that were in effect last night, last week, or at some other time.

Ribbon: All Office 2010 applications have a common system of navigation called the Ribbon, which is a tabbed bar across the top of the application window. Each tab is like a page of buttons. You click different tabs to access different sets of buttons and features.

right-click: A single press and release of the right mouse button.

rotated text: Text that is straight up-and-down.