I-beam: When the mouse pointer is over an area where you can place text, it turns into an I-shaped pointer called an I-beam. The shape of the I-beam makes it easy for you to precisely position it, even between two tiny characters of text.

icons: Small pictures that represent programs, which perform functions, or documents such as letters and photos. Icons provide a way to run a program or open a document.

indent: To shift the position of one or more paragraphs in relation to the left and/or right margins.

insertion point: A little line that indicates where the next action will take place. The insertion point is the flashing vertical marker (cursor) that shows where the text that you type will appear. You can move the insertion point with the arrow keys, or you can click where you want to place it.

instant messaging: A way to chat with others by typing messages and sending them through your computer using a technology called instant messaging. These messages are exchanged in real time