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Documents To Go is one of the truly amazing features of recent-model BlackBerry smartphones. The ability to download and use this app brought the essential functionality of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel (and a bit of Microsoft PowerPoint) to the small screen. The BlackBerry PlayBook, in its initial launch, includes the standard suite of Documents To Go.

Documents To Go includes three programs:

  • Word To Go. This utility lets you open an existing document created in Microsoft Word (or in a compatible program saved as a DOC or DOCX). You can edit the file and then re-save it on the PlayBook; or you can transfer it by USB cable, Bluetooth, or WiFi, or as part of an e-mail to another device. You can also create a new Word document on the BlackBerry PlayBook and transfer it the same way.

  • Sheet To Go. You can open an existing spreadsheet created in Microsoft Excel (or in a compatible program capable of saving files in XLS or XLSX format). The file can be edited and then re-saved on the PlayBook or transferred by USB cable, Bluetooth, WiFi, or as part of an e-mail to another device. You can also create a new Excel document on the BlackBerry PlayBook and transfer it in the same way.

  • Slideshow To Go. The version allows you to view and display a basic presentation created in Microsoft PowerPoint (or in a compatible program that can save files in PPT or PPTX format). Unlike the other apps in Documents To Go, you can’t edit a PowerPoint presentation or create a new one on the BlackBerry PlayBook.

    And a number of advanced features of PowerPoint — including transitions between slides, embedded audio and video, and animation of images and other elements aren’t supported. This limitation may change with later releases of the PlayBook operating system.

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