Comparing the Sizes of Digital Camera Types

When you shop for a digital camera, consider all the size options you have. You can find digital cameras the size of credit cards and some the size of professional film cameras. Here are the major groups of digital cameras, from smallest to largest:

  • Ultra-compact: This camera type is the size of a credit card and can fit comfortably in your front jeans pocket.

  • Subcompact: Though bigger than an ultra compact, a subcompact camera can fit comfortably in your shirt pocket.

  • Point-and-shoot: This normal-size automatic camera has more features for the price than the compacts.

  • Prosumer: This camera’s size is similar to traditional 35mm cameras, but it usually lacks detachable lenses.

    A prosumer digital camera.
    A prosumer digital camera.
  • Single Lens Reflex (SLR): This type of digital camera is high quality, and looks and functions like a 35mm camera, including detachable lenses.

    A single lens reflex digital camera (dSLR).
    A single lens reflex digital camera (dSLR).
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