Meet up with friends on Facebook. You can communicate with your friends on Facebook in a whole host of ways: chatting, writing on their Timelines, sending messages, and more.

What to Do What It Is How to Get There
Send a message. Similar to an e-mail, but short, sweet, and no need to remember any e-mail addresses. Go to your friend’s Timeline. Click the Message button in the bottom-right corner of his cover photo.
Chat. Talk to someone right here, right now . . . provided that person is online. You can have as many simultaneous chat conversations as you can keep track of. Look in the left sidebar on any page to see which of your friends have green dots next to their names, and then click the name of whomever you’d like to chat with.
Write on their Timelines. To communicate with friends in public, to tease them, or to congratulate them for something their friends might want to hear about, write on their Timelines. Go to the Timeline of any friend and write in the Share box below her cover photo. When her friends view their Timelines, they’ll see what you wrote.
Tag friends in a status post. If you’re posting something that you know might interest certain people, you can tag them so they’ll be notified about the post. Click in the Share box on your Timeline or Home page and type your post. Start typing your friend’s name and select it from the menu of names that Facebook generates as you type.