VBA helps you dig into your Windows programming. The VBA functions in the following list are ones used most often or that have proven to be quite helpful:

Use This Function To Do This
Asc, AscB, or AscW Convert a character into its ASCII, DBCS, or Unicode numeric value
Chr, ChrB, or ChrW Convert a number into its ASCII, DBCS, or Unicode character
CStr Convert any expression, including any supported data type, into a string
CVErr Create a user-defined error number for your program
Format Change an enumeration or other expression into formatted text
InputBox Get a single input from the program user
MsgBox Display a short message box onscreen
Str, Format, or CStr Convert a number into a string
Val, CByte, CCur, CDbl, CDec, CInt, CLng, or CSng Convert a string into a number