Like any language, Latin has regular and irregular verbs. Regular verbs follow common rules when you conjugate them; irregular verbs follow their own rules. The following table shows some of the most used irregular verbs, their conjugations, and pronunciations:

Verb Meaning
fero, ferre, tuli, latus (feh-ro, fehr-reh, tu-lee, lah-tus) to bear, carry
sum, esse, fui, futurus (sum, ehs-seh, fu-ee, fu-too-rus) to be
volo, velle, volui (woh-lo, woh-leh, woh-lu-ee) to want
nolo, nolle, nolui (no-lo, no-leh, no-lu-ee) not to want
malo, malle, malui (mah-lo, mah-leh, mah-lu-ee) to prefer
eo, ire, ii, iturus (eh-o, ee-reh, ih-ee, ih-too-rus) to go