Word 2007 retains many of the keyboard commands and shortcuts of earlier versions and the following table tells you which keys to press to access usual things like a new document and unusual things like a word count:

Usual Commands Keyboard Shortcut Unusual Commands Keyboard Shortcut
Help F1 Go To F5
Cancel Escape Show/Hide Ctrl+Shift+8
Go back Shift+F5 Office Button menu Alt+F
New document Ctrl+N Styles task pane Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S
Open Ctrl+O Print Preview Ctrl+Alt+I
Print Ctrl+P Word count Ctrl+Shift+G
Close Ctrl+W Symbol font Ctrl+Shift+Q
Quick save Ctrl+S Print Layout view Ctrl+Alf+P
Repeat Ctrl+Y Draft (Normal) mode Ctrl+Alt+N
Find Ctrl+F Outline mode Ctrl+Alt+O
Find and replace Ctrl+H Split window Alt+Ctrl+S
Manual page break Ctrl+Enter