dendrite: The receiving part of a neuron. The signal received at the dendrite is transmitted toward the cell body of the neuron in the form of an electrical impulse. The impulse is transmitted away from the cell body to another neuron, muscle, or gland by the axon.

dermis : The lower layer of the skin containing collagen and elastic fibers that give strength to the skin.

diencephalon : The central part of the brain, underneath the cerebrum.

distal: Farther from the trunk or from the point of origin. The elbow is distal to the shoulder.

dorsal : An anatomical region that runs from immediately below the neck down to the area below the waist. It doesn’t include the shoulders. It’s visible from the rear.

dorsiflex: To move your foot and toes up.

duodenum: The first segment of the small intestine.

dural venous sinuses: The spaces between the two layers of the dura matter that collect blood from veins on the surface of the brain.