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Choose a Free WordPress Theme for Your Blog

You can download and use free WordPress themes on your website at absolutely no cost. It’s a courtesy to include a link to the designer in the footer of your blog — but you can even remove that link if you want. While you’re visiting the WordPress Free Themes Directory, you can easily browse the various themes by using the following features:

  • Search: Type a keyword in the Search box in the center of the page and then click the Search Themes button. A new page opens, displaying themes related to the keyword you searched for.

  • Featured Themes: These themes are listed in the center of the themes directory, randomly. WordPress changes the featured themes listing regularly.

  • Most Popular: These themes have been downloaded most often.

  • Newest Themes: These themes are the latest to be added to the directory.

  • Recently Updated: These themes have been updated most recently by their designers.

When you find a theme in the directory that you want to take a closer look at, click its name to open a page that describes that theme:

  • Download: Click this button to download the theme to your computer.

  • Preview: Click this button to open a new window that shows what the theme looks like in a live blog.


To download the theme you want, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Download button on the theme page.

    The theme files show up on your computer as a compressed .zip file.

  2. Use your favorite decompression program to unpack the files to your own computer.

  3. Connect to your web server via FTP and upload the entire theme folder to the /wp-content/themes/ directory of your web server. (You can also upload the theme zip file on the Dashboard via Themes→Install Themes→Upload.)

    You find the /wp-content/themes/ folder in the WordPress installation directory on your web server.

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