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Checking Out Digital Camera Manufacturers’ Web Sites

Just about every manufacturer of digital-imaging hardware and software maintains a Web site. Typically, their Web sites are geared to marketing the company’s products, so you can use the Web site to get all the details about a digital camera that you’re interested in.

Many of these sites also offer terrific information and help for newcomers to digital photography. Some of the best sites include

  • Kodak: Search for Taking Great Pictures to find some helpful photography tips.

  • HP: Take advantage of the free online classes offered in the Home and Home Office section of the site.

  • Fujifilm: Click the Support & Download tab to access the Tips for Better Photos.

  • Canon: Review the Canon Digital Learning Center for a variety of digital photography tips.

  • Wacom Technologies: Click your part of the world on the main page, then click the Tips & Tricks link on your regional page for photo retouching tips and creative inspiration.

  • Nikon: Travel to the United States section of the site to check out the Nikon Digital Learning Center and other educational resources.

  • Adobe: Travel via the Support link to the Adobe Product Support Centers page, where you can find tutorials and articles related to photo editing and digital painting.

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