There may be situations in which you decide to change or turn off certain monitoring settings in Windows 7 Action Center for your home network. Generally though, you should enable monitoring of all of the default items in the Windows 7 Action Center.

If you install a firewall, antispyware program, or backup software other than those included with Windows 7, you may want to turn off monitoring for those items if the Action Center doesn’t recognize them. Otherwise, the Action Center will incorrectly indicate that these items are not enabled or are out of date.


Open the Windows Control Panel, and then click System and Security.

The System and Security window appears.


Click Action Center.

The Action Center window appears.


In the left pane, click Change Action Center Settings.

The Change Action Center Settings window appears.


Select the items you would like Action Center to monitor for you and click OK.

Windows 7 makes the specified changes to Action Center. You can follow these steps again to reverse the changes or make further modifications at any time.