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Change Your Web Page with JavaScript Document Object Model Methods

Part of the JavaScript & AJAX For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The Document Object Model methods shown in the following table offer you a great way to access and modify your Web pages through your JavaScript code.

Element Description
myElement = document.getElementById("name"); Gets an element from the page with the specified ID and copies a reference to that element to the variable myElement.
myElement.innerHTML = "value" Changes the value of the element to "value".
document.onkeydown = keyListener When a key is pressed, a function called keyListener is automatically activated.
document.onmousemove = mouseListener When the mouse is moved, a function called mouseListener is automatically activated.
setInterval(function, ms); Runs function each ms milliseconds.
myArray = document.getElementsByName("name") Returns an array of objects with the current name (frequently used with radio buttons).
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