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Celebrating Earth Day

Along with World Water Day and Earth Hour, there's the Big Mama of all environmental celebrations and green holidays, Earth Day. Inaugurated on April 22, 1970, Earth Day is an event held in cities across the world to raise awareness of our interconnectedness with the other inhabitants of the earth. It helps us to recognize that what happens in Las Vegas — or London, Lahore, or Lima, for that matter — doesn't stay there.

Increasingly, more people are insisting that we need to observe Earth Day every day. If each of us could take on just one new, sustainable practice — whether changing the light bulbs, turning down (or up) the thermostat, or parking the car and walking — just think of the impact. And if we did this every day? Well, what a giant leap toward reducing our collective carbon footprint!


Check out the Earth Day Web site for events near you — most communities move or stretch the celebration to the nearest weekend of April 22. You can use the Web site, however, as a resource year-round. It lists other events as well as actions you can take to be part of the growing wave of Earth guardians.

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