If you get carving duty on Thanksgiving, you can wow the family with your turkey-carving skills. Following a simple process can help you carve a turkey into succulent pieces, instead of creating a bird-related disaster area:


Place the cooked turkey on a cutting board.

Position it breast-side up with the drumsticks facing you.


Slice through a leg where it meets the breast and pry the leg from the body.

You want to expose the hip joint.


Slice through the hip joint and separate the leg from the body.

You can carve the drumsticks or leave them whole.


Find the thigh bone with your knife and cut the thigh meat off.

Cut the meat parallel to the bone.


Slice through the joint between the wing and breast.

You should be able to easily remove the wing after slicing the joint.


Hold the knife parallel to the center bone and cut thin slices from the breast.

Begin about halfway up the breast, and start a little higher with each slice.

Now, you just need to find someone who will cut the other side of the turkey!