screener: An employee (typically an administrative assistant or HR specialist) who monitors phone calls for a company when you call their main telephone line.

screening interview: A first-cut job interview that is used to weed out all applicants except those who are best qualified for the position.

selection interview: A job interview in which you meet with a supervisor, department head, or another person who has the authority to hire you.

SEO: An acronym for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a method of using technical and strategic maneuvers to increase the traffic driven by search engines to a Web site.

serial interview: A type of job interview in which you are typically passed from the initial screener to a line manager to a top manager — and perhaps a half-dozen people in between.

social networking services: Web-based services — including discussion groups, message boards, e-mail, and blogs — that give users a way to find and interact with people who have similar interests. Some of this interactivity focuses on job search and recruiting.

spiders: Automated programs (software) used by specialized search engines to scrape (crawl) the Web to find and haul in content, such as job postings. Also called robots or just 'bots.

stress interview: A type of job interview in which the interviewer intentionally uses various intimidation tactics to attempt to put pressure on you.