recruiter; headhunter: An employers’ personal shopper, tasked with going into the marketplace and bringing back the best qualified candidates for the thriftiest prices.

resume blasting services: A service that advertises their willingness to save you time and trouble by “blasting” your resume to thousands of recruiters and hiring managers all over the Internet — for a fee. These services are generally not recommended due to privacy and identity theft concerns.

resume letter: A self-marketing document that combines a cover letter with a resume (the resume is not a separate document). This type of letter is typically two pages long, but can be one page.

reverse chronological resume: A resume format that includes employment history from the most recent jobs working backwards, showing dates for employers and educational institutions. This resume format works well for those with a steady career progression.

RSS feed: An online service you subscribe to that sends immediate content updates (such as job postings that match a selected criteria) from selected Web sites to your computer or handheld device. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.