Okay, so if your awesome furry friend has something weird, funny, or amazing about her looks, you definitely have to photograph it — and then post it on the Internet so she can become the next virtual sensation.

Don’t worry, you’re not exploiting her; it’s called loving her. And if she happens to get a million hits, then the world loves her, too! If you notice a quirk and you love it, photograph it:

  • The spot on her side, which looks like Elvis

  • Her furry feet, which make her look like a sasquatch

  • The little white tuft of hair on her otherwise black chest

  • Her tail, which bends at a 90-degree angle

  • Her scruffy beard, which always has something in it

In this image, the photographer is obviously highlighting Piko’s tongue, which is too big for his mouth. It’s always sticking out a little (and sometimes a lot). Kim shot him straight-on to get the full effect. He may look a little dopey, but that just makes us love him more.


24mm, 1/250 sec., f/11, 125

Whatever makes you love your dog more is what you should capture in your photos.