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One special setting on the Canon EOS 60D’s Mode dial that’s easy to overlook (but is cool and practical) is the Camera User Settings (C). With it, you set the shooting mode, shutter speed, metering mode, and so forth, and then save (register, in Canon lingo) those settings. Later, when you’re out shooting, recall those settings in an instant from the Mode dial, which is faster and less annoying than having to reset all those things again.


To register your settings in the Camera User Settings mode (C), follow these steps:

  1. Set up your camera.

    C mode is very powerful. You can (although not mandatory — you can put as little effort into this step as you want) set up your camera from top to bottom, to include as many shooting, exposure, metering, flash, and menu options as possible.

    And although you can save options from virtually every menu in the camera, there are a few limitations. Menu options that you can save in the Camera User Settings mode are

    • Shooting Menu 1: All options

    • Shooting Menu 2: All options

    • Shooting Menu 3: ISO Auto

    • Shooting Menu 4: All options

    • Playback Menu 1: None

    • Playback Menu 2: All except Rating and Ctrl over HDMI

    • Setup Menu 1: All except Format and Select folder

    • Setup Menu 2: All except Date/Time, Language, and Video system

    • Setup Menu 3: Info button display options

    • My Menu: None

    • Custom Functions: All Custom Functions

  2. Press the Menu button and navigate to Setup Menu 3.

  3. Select Camera User Settings and press Set.

  4. From the next screen that appears, register (save) the settings; then press Set.


    If you want to clear the current settings and return C to the default setting, select Clear Settings instead.

  5. Highlight OK on the confirmation screen and press Set.

    That’s it. When you want to use your custom settings, select C from the Mode dial and start taking pictures. Couldn’t be easier!

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