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Calling for Help in Spanish

1 of 6 in Series: The Essentials of Dealing with Emergencies in Spanish-Speaking Countries

You don’t want to think about worst-case scenarios when planning a vacation to a Spanish-speaking country, but you never know when you might find yourself in a situation where calling for help in Spanish is a must, or when someone might need your help. Thumbing through your dictionary isn’t going to be quick enough in such a circumstance, so you may want to memorize these words. Note: You can use the first two terms interchangeably.

Here are some basic distress-signaling Spanish words:

  • ¡Socorro! (soh-koh-rroh) (Help!)

  • ¡Auxilio! (ahoo-ksee-leeoh) (Help!)

  • ¡Ayúdeme! (ah-yoo-deh-meh) (Help me!)

  • ¡Incendio! (een-sehn-deeoh) (Fire!)

  • ¡Inundación! (ee-noon-dah-seeohn) (Flood!)

  • ¡Temblor! (tehm-bvlohr) (Earth tremor!)

  • ¡Terremoto! (teh-rreh-moh-toh) (Earthquake!)

  • ¡Maremoto! (mah-reh-moh-toh) (Tidal wave!)

You can help speed up your request by using one of these two words:

  • ¡Rápido! (rah-pee-doh) (Quick!)

  • ¡Apúrense! (ah-poo-rehn-seh) (Hurry!)

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