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Buying and Selling Items on PayPal Shops

When you think of PayPal, you might think of it as just a payment service on eBay, but it’s much, much more. Did you know that PayPal has shops? Yes! It’s another place to sell your wares online.

The best part of joining PayPal shops is that there’s no cost to you. A PayPal shop is not a separate online store but a link from the PayPal mall (so to speak) to a unique group of shops. More than 40 million PayPal members may browse this area at any time, so why not avail yourself of this free marketing opportunity?

The PayPal Shops hub page.
The PayPal Shops hub page.

The shop can link to your eBay store, or you can link to your PayPal-enabled business Web site. Think of it as a way to double your store’s visibility on the Web without spending more in fees. Your store will be listed in the PayPal Shops directory.

Notice that the PayPal hub has categories (on the left side of the page) and a shop search. The categories whittle down into subcategories; they work just like those on eBay (minus the sub-subcategories).

The results of a search in PayPal Shops.
The results of a search in PayPal Shops.

You can use the search box to find some pretty things, such as the search results shown here. Notice the number next to each store name. No, it’s not the seller’s feedback rating; it’s the PayPal seller reputation number.

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