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The BlackBerry PlayBook works with most of the common profiles employed by Bluetooth devices. To find out if your tablet supports a specific Bluetooth enabled device, find out what profiles it uses. The PlayBook, as initially delivered by RIM, supports the following profiles:

  • Dial-up Networking (DUN). This profile allows you to tether your PlayBook to a cellphone (any current model BlackBerry as well as many other smartphones or other Internet-connected devices) to link to the Internet. The beauty here: you don’t need a separate data plan for your BlackBerry PlayBook. But all is not perfect: some providers block tethering or limit the amount of data.

  • Human Interface Device (HID). The PlayBook uses this profile to connect to a wireless keyboard or similar device. Some headsets may also use HID.

  • Serial Port Profile (SPP). The PlayBook uses SSP to connect to a BlackBerry smartphone through the BlackBerry Bridge application.

The Bluetooth process generally works quite seamlessly; the most common problem is a device not set as Discoverable for the initial pairing.

You may need to take some special steps:

  • Enter a passkey pairing number. Some connections may generate a passcode and display it locally. For example, a BlackBerry smartphone may show a code on its screen; move over to your PlayBook and enter the code in the screen shown there. In certain arrangements, the other device may have a set code not displayed onscreen.

    You may need to consult that device’s manual or a system administrator. If you don’t know the code, try this super-secret, impossible-to-guess code: 0000. It just may work.

  • Reconnect to a paired device. In the list of paired devices, tap the name of the device and then tap Connect.

  • Change options for a paired device. In the list of paired devices, tap the name of the device and make adjustments as available.

  • Delete a paired device. In the list of paired devices, tap the name of the device and then tap Delete.

  • Make your tablet discoverable. To allow other Bluetooth-enabled devices to search for and attempt to connect to your tablet, set Discoverable to On.

  • Limit the chances of an unwanted attempt at access. Set the Discoverable switch to 2 Minutes Only. Tap Add New Device and then tap Listen.

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