Blocking pop-up windows is a snap in Internet Explorer. To configure pop-up blocking on your computer to get rid of those annoying ads, follow these steps:


Start Internet Explorer and choose Tools→Internet Options.

You see the Internet Options dialog box fade into view.


Click the Privacy tab.

Note the Turn On Pop-Up Blocker check box at the bottom of the tab. This is the control that turns pop-up blocking on and off; it’s turned on by default.


Click the Settings button.

The Pop-Up Blocker Settings dialog box appears.


In the top portion of the dialog box, enter any sites for which you want to allow pop-ups.

Believe it or not, you may want pop-ups to be permissible on some sites. For instance, if your bank uses pop-ups to prompt you for security information, you don’t want these pop-ups blocked.


Select how you want the pop-up blocker to work by using the controls at the bottom of the dialog box.


Click Close.

Your settings are saved and implemented immediately. You can then close the Internet Options dialog box.

If you prefer to use a different pop-up blocker (or if you’re using a different browser that doesn’t include one), check your antivirus software to see whether it includes a blocker. If not, others are available online.

Be careful not to download and use just any pop-up blocker. Some of them are nothing more than adware disguised as pop-up blockers. Make sure that your blocker is from a reputable company and that the product receives good reviews.