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Basics of Bluetooth on an Android Phone

Bluetooth is a wireless protocol for communication between two or more Bluetooth-equipped devices. Your Android phone just happens to be Bluetooth-equipped, so it too can use Bluetooth devices, such as those earphone-speakers that make you look like you have a stapler stuck to your ear.

    Activating Bluetooth with your Android phone

You must turn on the phone’s Bluetooth networking before you can use one of those Borg-earpiece implants and join the ranks of walking nerds. Here’s how to turn on Bluetooth:

  1. At the Home screen, press the Menu soft button.

  2. Choose Settings and then Wireless & Networks.

  3. Choose Bluetooth.

    Or, if a little green check mark already appears by the Bluetooth option, Bluetooth is already on.

You can also turn on Bluetooth by using the Power Control widget, if your phone has it floating somewhere on the Home screen. Just touch the Bluetooth button to turn it on.

To turn off Bluetooth, repeat the steps.

  • When Bluetooth is on, the Bluetooth status icon appears.

  • Activating Bluetooth can quickly drain the phone’s battery. Be mindful to use Bluetooth only when necessary, and remember to turn it off when you’re done.

    Using a Bluetooth headset with an Android phone

Bluetooth can be used to pair the phone with a variety of gizmos, including your computer (if it’s Bluetooth-equipped) and even Bluetooth printers. The most common Bluetooth gizmo to use with an Android phone remains a headset.

To make the Bluetooth connection between your phone and a set of those so-cool earphones, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that Bluetooth is on.

  2. Turn on the Bluetooth headset.

  3. At the Home screen, press the Menu soft button and choose Settings.

  4. Choose Wireless & Networks and then Bluetooth Settings.

    The Bluetooth Settings screen appears.

  5. Choose Scan for Devices.

  6. If necessary, press the main button on the Bluetooth gizmo.

    The main button is the one you use to answer the phone. You may have to press and hold the button.

    Eventually, the device should appear on the screen, or you see its code number.

  7. Choose the device.

  8. If necessary, input the device’s passcode.

    It’s usually a four-digit number, and quite often it’s simply 1234.

When the device is connected, you can stick it in your ear and press its main Answer button when the phone rings.

After you’ve answered the call (by pressing the main Answer button on the earphone), you can chat away.

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