Basic Tools for Chinese Cooking

Part of the Chinese Cooking For Dummies Cheat Sheet

In Chinese cooking (or any other cuisine), you can usually use the kitchen tools you already have. But some Chinese recipes do call for specialized tools, such as a claypot casserole. Other items, like a rice cooker or wok just make cooking easier. If you don't already have some of the utensils in this list, head to the cooking supply store — which is always a fun trip!

  • A wok that you've seasoned

  • A sharp chef's knife

  • A cutting board that you keep clean

  • A small spice grinder

  • A steamer

  • A strainer

  • Spatulas and ladles

  • A claypot casserole

  • An electric rice cooker

  • Chopsticks

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Chinese Cooking For Dummies Cheat Sheet