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Basic Soap-Making Supplies

Part of the Making Candles & Soaps For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Making your own soap, like making your own candles, doesn’t require a lot of supplies. When making melt-and-pour soap, you can get by pretty inexpensively. Follow this list to know the important supplies for soapmaking..

  • Double boiler or microwave: You need a heat source to melt your soap, so a double boiler is ideal. You can even use a microwave.

  • Flexible molds: You don’t have to buy soap molds, although you can if you prefer. You can use candy molds, candle molds, or any flexible item as a mold. (Don’t use ceramic or glass molds.) Make sure the mold is flexible enough so that you can remove the soap without breaking it.

  • Glass or heat-resistant plastic bowls: You use these bowls to melt your soap. Seeing through your bowls so that you can see how close the soap is to being melted is helpful.

  • Melt-and-pour soap base: You can buy this precolored. It’s usually translucent, although you can find it in opaque.

  • Releasing agent: You can buy this in your local craft store, or use vegetable oil or nonstick cooking spray.

  • Spoons: As the soap melts, stir it. Opt for metal or wooden spoons. Although wooden spoons don’t last forever, they’re cheap to replace.

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Making Candles & Soaps For Dummies Cheat Sheet


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