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Getting sound to come out of an iPhone or iPad seems like a no-brainer, right? After all, they were designed to play sounds and even sync with users’ iTunes audio libraries.

If you haven’t already added audio content to the mix on your website, take a look at some possible innovative uses for audio that mobile users might want to have at their fingertips — for convenience, to pass the time productively, to better answer a question, or to solve a crisis situation while they’re away from the home or office, for example:

  • Nature: Include examples of birdcalls or wild animal noises to help birdwatchers identify birds (or grouchy mama bears) by sound while in the field.

  • Travel: A bed and breakfast might provide audio directions for motorists who are driving, who can’t (and shouldn’t) take their eyes off winding country roads to continually check the small print on a mobile screen.

  • Religious: Members of a congregation can hear the latest sermon, hymns, or meditation.

  • Health: Demonstrate exactly what a dangerous whooping cough sounds like as opposed to one resulting from the common flu.

  • Music: Short teaser clips of musical works can incentivize fans to download higher-quality versions.

  • Health and fitness: A personal trainer talks users through a special workout program that they can follow at the gym.

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