Your fingers — and a little know-how — is all you need to carry out a variety of day-to-day operations on your Atrix 4G’s touchscreen. With just a touch, here's what you can do with you Atrix smartphone:

Action How to Do It
Touch In this simple operation, you touch the screen. Generally, you’re touching an object, such as a program icon, a button, or a control (for example, a gizmo you use to slide something around).
Double-tap Touch the screen in the same location twice. Double-tapping can be used to zoom in on an image or a map, but it can also zoom out. Because of the double-tap’s dual nature, you’ll probably find yourself using the pinch or spread operation instead.
Long-press Touch and hold part of the screen. Some operations on the Atrix 4G, such as moving an icon on the Home screen, begin with a long-press.
Swipe Start with your finger in one spot and then drag it to another spot. Usually, swipes are up, down, left, or right, which moves material displayed in the direction you swipe your finger. Swipes can be fast, flick-like actions, or they can be slow. This operation is also known as a flick.
Pinch Start with your thumb and a finger separated, and then bring them together. The effect is used to reduce an image or a map. The pinch is used to zoom out.
Spread In the opposite of a pinch, you start out with your thumb and a finger together and then spread them. The effect is used to enlarge an image or a map. The spread is used to zoom in.
Rotate Place two fingers on the screen and turn them around a central point as if you’re turning a combination lock.