At-a-Glance Plan to Reach Your Dream Career

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Finding your dream career is like searching for a hidden treasure. Your best strategy for success is to collect as many clues as you can about what works for you. The following points are a nuts-and-bolts version of the basics for finding your dream career:

  • Take stock of your current situation.

  • Find your personal style.

  • Define your ideal lifestyle needs.

  • Pinpoint your preferred work environment.

  • Specify your favorite passions, skills, and interests.

  • Brainstorm a list of viable career ideas.

  • Select your Top Two Career Ideas.

  • Explore additional career possibilities based on your skills.

  • Investigate your Top Two Career Ideas.

  • Blend your dream career with your life realities.

  • Develop your personal action plan to achieve your dream career.

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Your Dream Career For Dummies Cheat Sheet