If you have created one button in Flash, you can duplicate the button symbol and then change the text to flesh out your menu. If you did the math right, your button is perfectly sized. When you align the buttons end to end, your menu will assembled.

To assemble the menu, follow these steps:


Right-click the symbol in the document Library and then choose Duplicate from the context menu.

The Duplicate Symbol dialog box appears.


Name the symbol.

The logical choice would be the page to which the button will link.


Click OK.

Flash duplicates the button.


Create enough duplicates to flesh out your menu.

For the menu you’re creating here, you need four more buttons.


Double-click one of the duplicated buttons.

Flash enters symbol-editing mode.


Change the button text and repeat for the other buttons in your menu.

After creating the duplicate, arrange the buttons on the Stage.


Select the first button for your menu from the document Library and drag it on the Stage.

You don’t have to position it exactly. You can use the Align panel to align and distribute the buttons.


Drag the remaining buttons onto the Stage.

Position the buttons end to end.


Select all the buttons.

With the Selection tool, simply click and drag around the perimeter of the buttons.


Press Ctrl+K (Windows) or Apple+K (Mac).

The Align panel opens.


Click the To Stage icon, and then click the Distribute Vertical Center icon.

Flash aligns the buttons vertically on the Stage.


Click the To Stage icon, and then click the Distribute Horizontal Center icon.

The buttons are distributed horizontally to the Stage.


Click the Align Vertical icon.

Flash aligns the buttons vertically to the center of the Stage.