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Apple’s Optional High-Definition Monitor

Apple sells an attractively styled but pricey flat-panel display: the 27-inch Apple LED Thunderbolt HD Display, with 2560 x 1600 resolution. The 27-inch display is designed to serve as a docking station for Apple laptops. Although the price may be steep, it does a lot for the money.

It includes a FaceTime HD camera; a microphone; 2.1 speakers with a 49 watt amp; a built-in 85 watt power supply that can charge any Apple MagSafe laptop; and a complete set of peripheral ports that includes Thunderbolt, Gigabit Ethernet, 800 MHz FireWire, and three powered USB 2.0 ports. The display’s cable to your computer has just two plugs: MagSafe power, and Thunderbolt, so it’s easy to dock your Mac laptop.

You can use the 27-inch display with a Mac mini or Pro or as a second display for your iMac (it looks just like an iMac) and still use the MagSafe as a charger for your laptop. There’s also a Kensington security slot to keep your Thunderbolt Display on your desk while you’re on the road.

An optional VESA mounting kit is available from the Apple Store, allowing you to attach your Apple display to a third-party VESA mounting device, including a variety of fancy mounting brackets and arms that use the VESA system.

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