Here are some different ways to think about using the music you play to alter your state of mind. Perhaps you’re stuck in a groove with your listening taste.

  • Vary the range of CDs you buy – Change up your selections, from baroque to folk, jazz and blues to reggae, and pop and rock to opera.

  • Change the rhythm – Compare predictable rhythms with varied and unfamiliar ones to encourage your creativity. World music works well for this purpose.

  • Instrumentation or lyrics? Words can distract; solo instruments tend to encourage relaxation.

  • Intuition Trust your own tastes. If you dislike a piece of music, don’t struggle with it. Turn it off – it’s unlikely to make you feel good.

  • Start the day differently When you feel good in the morning, you get off to a flying start. Try swapping the confrontational news channel on the radio for inspiring and uplifting music.