Employers have several options open to them for ensuring equality and fairness in the workplace. No quick-fix solutions exist, but the following are options to consider:

  • Develop mentoring schemes. Mentorship is a great way of helping people progress within an organisation. Mentors can be especially useful in introducing mentees to useful networks that they may not be privy to.

  • Ensure that promotion procedures are transparent. Have a clear promotion planning process so that you decide on promotions on clear terms and leave less room for discrimination to creep in.

  • Give the message from the top. The importance of equality and appreciating diversity at work should be a message that comes from the management of your organisation.

  • Make diversity a goal. A diverse workforce is likely to be one that employs men and women, people of different ages, and people with a variety of ethnic and racial backgrounds. Diversity must be a business target and not just something your organisation should or has to do.

  • Provide training on diversity issues. Make people aware of their own potential biases.