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Cheat Sheet

Access 2007 For Dummies

From Access 2007 For Dummies by Laurie Ulrich Fuller, Ken Cook, John Kaufeld

With Access 2007, you can create multi-function databases — a task made even easier with the Access 2007 Key Tips feature. You also have a host of keyboard shortcuts to speed up any job. And, when you want to search through the database for a certain group of data, you need the comparison operators Access 2007 uses.

Access 2007 Key Tips

The Access Key Tips help you create and manage database information quickly and easily. The following figures show the process for using Access 2007's Key Tips feature:


Keyboard Shortcuts for Access 2007

The keyboard shortcuts available in Access 2007 give you the ability to do basic tasks, such as opening and closing the database quickly. It also gives you tools to accomplish nearly every job with the press of a couple of buttons. The following table shows Access keystrokes and their functions:

Keystroke Function Keystroke Function Keystroke Function
Ctrl+n Create a new blank database Ctrl+; Inserts the current date Ctrl+Right Arrow Moves selected control to the right in design or layout view
Ctrl+o Open an existing database Ctrl+: Inserts the current time Ctrl+ Left Arrow Moves selected control to the left in design or layout view
F11 Show/hide Navigation Pane Ctrl+’ Copies same field data from previous record. Ctrl+ Down Arrow Moves selected control down in design or layout view
Alt+f Opens the Microsoft Office Button menu F2 Selects all data in the field or places cursor in edit mode Ctrl+ Up Arrow Moves selected control up in design or layout view
Alt+h Displays Home tab on the Ribbon. F9 Recalculates fields on a form or refreshes a lookup combo or list box list Shift+Right Arrow Increases selected control width in design or layout view
Alt+c Displays the Create tab on the Ribbon Ctrl+Enter Inserts a line break in datasheet and form view Shift+ Left Arrow Decreases selected control width in design or layout view
Alt+x Displays the External Data tab on the Ribbon Ctrl+Shift++ Inserts a new record Shift+ Down Arrow Increases selected control height in design or layout view
Alt+a Displays the Database Tools tab on the Ribbon Ctrl+Shift+- Deletes current record Shift+ Up Arrow Decreases selected control height in design or layout view
Ctrl+c Copies selection to the clipboard Ctrl+Enter Opens selected object from Navigation Pane in design view F4 Toggles property sheet in design view
Ctrl+v Pastes selection to the clipboard F4 Toggles property sheet in design or layout view Shift+F2 Zooms in on current field in datasheet and form view
Ctrl+z Undoes last operation

Comparison Operators for Access 2007

The databases you build with Access 2007 are meant to be searchable — or what’s the point? In order to search through an Access database, you need to use comparison operators that will pull up the information you’re looking for. The following table shows the symbols to use to bring up the data you want:

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