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Abbreviations for Common Crochet Terms

Part of the Crocheting For Dummies Cheat Sheet

So they stay free of clutter, crochet patterns feature a lot of abbreviations for common crochet terms. Here’s a sampling of typical crochet abbreviations you might find on a pattern:

  • approximately (approx)

  • begin(ning) (beg)

  • between (bet)

  • contrast color (CC)

  • centimeter(s) (cm)

  • decrease(s)(d)(ing) (dec)

  • follow or following (foll)

  • gram or grams (g)

  • inch or inches (in.)

  • increase(s)(d)(ing) (inc)

  • meter(s) (m)

  • main color (MC)

  • ounce(s) (oz.)

  • pattern (patt)

  • remaining (rem)

  • repeat (rep)

  • ribbing (rib)

  • right side (RS)

  • round(s) (rnd or rnds)

  • stitch(es) (st or sts)

  • turning ch (tch)

  • together (tog)

  • wrong side (WS)

  • yard (yd)

  • yarn over (the) hook (yo)

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