Some of the most successful students are those who learn self-discipline in respect to their study habits. The lack of pressure that comes with meeting face-to-face is absent in the online environment. Therefore, it’s important to heed the following suggestions for establishing good study habits for online education:

  • Set a schedule for studying and log in frequently (daily if possible).

  • Print the syllabus, instructor contact information, and course calendar on Day 1.

  • Read all rubrics (documents outlining assessment criteria for assignments) and guidelines carefully, and self-check before starting assignments and again before submitting them.

  • Find out how to use the library services for your institution. Seek credible resources for your work, and don’t just rely on Google or Wikipedia.

  • Double-check citations and references for accuracy. Avoid plagiarism!

  • Compose assignments in a word processor and save everything before transferring it to the online environment.

  • Actively participate and interact with your classmates and instructor. Don’t be a wallflower.