The photos and figures in this gallery are from Football Rules & Positions In A Day For Dummies and illustrate different aspects of the game. The images appear in the order that they appear in the book.


Key to diagrams

These symbols are used in the diagrams of lineups and formations.


The playing field

Every marking on a football field serves a specific purpose.


The NFL goal post

When the football is kicked through the goal posts, teams score one or three points, depending on the situation.


The football uniform

Football uniforms are standard across all levels of the sport.


Quarterback position

The quarterback (QB) lines up directly behind the center at the beginning of each play.


The snap

A quarterback may line up under center, and then the center snaps the ball to him to start the play.


Catching a football

To catch a football, a receiver spreads his hands as wide as possible while keeping his thumbs together and then brings his hands up in front of his face.


The offensive line

The offensive line is made up of five players, with the man in the middle called the center.


Nose tackle position

The nose tackle (N) lines up opposite the center, nose to nose.


Defensive tackle and defensive end positions

The defensive tackles (DT) line up inside the defensive ends (DE).


Sam linebacker position

A Sam linebacker lines up directly across from the tight end and tries to disrupt the tight end’s movements.


Willy linebacker position

The Willy linebacker (W) covers the weak side.


Mike linebacker position

The Mike linebacker (M) lines up across and back from the center and is prepared to tackle anyone with the ball.


Cornerback positions

The two cornerbacks (CBs) generally line up on the far left and right sides of the line of scrimmage and are ready to defend the receivers.


Free safety position

The free safety (FS) lines up deep and off the line of scrimmage, hoping to prevent the long pass.